Samples of my Writing

Hello, and welcome!

Here are a few links and samples of my writing.

Wattpad Video

A video written, produced, and read by myself about the trend of “fanfiction” on Wattpad, and how it has benefited writing careers.


A quick read on how fan communities and the internet are changing the way creators interact with their fans.

Geeking In: How online fans are the future of media and media marketing

Crash Course

A quick lesson in Gothic Romance! Created for a small Twitter project called GothRom Heroine.

A Gothic Romantic Crash Course

Buzzfeed Lists

The Long-to-Short-to-Long Hair Cycle

The Struggle of Having an Inner Emo Girl

Articles for Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine and Soil Erosion and Hydroseeding Magazine

Know Your Taxes

A Look on the Wild Side: Planting Wildflowers and Native Plants

A Sticky Business

Stormwater: A Crash Course on NPDES Requirements


Miscellaneous Newsletter Posts for Irrigation and Green Industry Magazine

Landscaper Goes On Week-long Crime Spree

A Natural-Born Businessman

Former Inmate Works to Improve At-Risk Youth’s Future

Coffee Chaff Turned Into Fertilizer

Short Stories


The Merchant and the Toad King


An original film script, written for my MA.